Giudit Cosméticos

Over than 30 years of experience in the industry and cosmetics market, the Giudit Group got expertise in the development, industrialization, packaging and marketing of cosmetic products.

The business division has two market segments: professional line and perfumery.

Adequated to ANVISA standards, the Giudit Group has production capacity to reach all manufacturing needs, maintaining a strict system of quality and certification for the delivery of finished products with absolute guarantee and efficiency.


Technical responsability

We have productive capacity to meet small and large quantities with technical responsibility signed by Pharmaceutical.



We have “know-how” skill and a well-structured branding policy, providing smart alternatives that reach the needs of our customers in terms of excellence in the provision of services in this kind of market.


We have an exclusive research and development team to elaborate your formulation.


Supported by regulatory matters of ANVISA notifications and other competent organs for exportation market.


Financial department to study your investments.


Complete advice for packaging layout, label arts, silk or hot and cold stamping, promotional materials and brand design.

Full Service

We operate in the full service and common industrialization systems, offering creative solutions for development of products with the brand idealized by the customer.


Our products


Giudit Cosméticos